Auto Repair Management Software

A web-based software management solution ideal for all sizes of automotive & transmission repair shops.
Web-based and cloud friendly, the program is easy to learn and use. Shop owners, service writers, mechanics, and bookkeepers can perform common tasks such as repair estimates, repair orders, invoices, and reports with ease.

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Cloud-Based Auto Shop Management
Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone Compatible

Simply the best automotive shop management software in the transmission & auto repair industries, Auto Shop Software by ProfitBoost is the perfect cloud-based managerial program for business owners seeking an affordable way to manage even the busiest of shops.

The program is easy to use and makes common repair shop tasks, including repair estimate preparation, repair order writing, and invoice completion quick and easy. Cloud-based, Auto Shop Software is compatible on all types of devices and operating system PC & Mac platforms, including desktops, laptops, Ipads, tablets, and smartphones from Apple, Android, and Microsoft.


  • Parts

    Built in parts integrations make it easy and quick to find parts and add them to your RO

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  • Labor

    Exclusive labor guide includes job labor times for foreign & domestic vehicle repair & service.

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  • Profit Per Hour

    Profit Per Hour - How much are you really making on that repair? It may well be more (or less) than you imagined.

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Inspired Staff, Satisifed Customers, Successful Marketing, and Business Profitability

Auto Shop Software by ProfitBoost offers a complete shop management solution for both auto and transmission shops owners. Developed for ease of use, the software program assists all team members, including service writers, technicians, and accounting staff, in making for a profitable business operation. Repair orders are both intuitive and easily understood by customers. Marketing through integrated partnerships creates customer loyalty and revenue. Informative dashboards provide insightful information useful to shop owners.


Software for managers, service writers, technicians, bookkeepers and auto shop owners.

The program allows unlimited users and is programmed with every team member in mind. Managers, service writers, technicians, and owners each have targeted access to intuitive dashboards that provide informative role related data.


Comprehensive & customer-friendly estimates, authorizations, and repair orders.

The estimate and Ro writing process is simplified with the ease of adding or retrieving customers' personal and vehicle information. 


Recommended repairs, scheduled maintenance, and common jobs are easily added. Authorizations can be sent and received electronically using text messages and email. 


Marketing & customer retention through strategic partnerships and software integrations.


We have partnered with Kukui, enabling owners of transmission and auto repair shops with the ability to effortlessly manage their online reputation, schedule appointments, generate monthly newsletters, send appointment reminders, and other common customer retention tasks.  


Grow revenue, maximize workflow effeciency, increase business profitability.

Auto Shop Software by ProfitBoost enables shop owners to grow revenue with tools developed and integrated by industry-leading online marketing companies. Workflow effeciency is enhanced with precisely calculated algorithmic processes that assist service writers and ehance overall technician effeciency. Combined, these serve to increase shop revenue and maximize profitability.

Why Auto Shop Software?

Auto Shop Software

Cloud based auto shop software

Labor Guide, Parts Integration, Marketing Solutions


  • Labor Guide

    Labor Guide

    Our integrated labor guide means that you can do quick and accurate estimates. No more guessing or pulling books off the shelf, no more going to multiple systems. You can use the labor estimates built right into the system.

    This time saving allows you to run your business more efficiently and even more importantly make more sales.

  • Parts Integration

    Parts Integration

    Getting the right parts at the right price in a timely fashion makes all the difference to your car repair business.

    This is exactly why we have parts integrations with all the major parts suppliers.

  • Marketing Solutions

    Marketing Solutions

    Finding new customers and making sure old ones come back to your shop is vital.

    Kukui and Demandforce can both work with you to ensure customer retention stays high while also making sure that you always have new prospects.

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