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About ProfitBoost Software

Most software companies do not have the benefit of real world experience, our CEO has over 20 years’ experience as a shop owner. This on the ground experience has been put to use in our creation of the best product available today.

Over a dozen years ago Scott Johnson could see where the software used to run repair shops was going. Way back then people thought he was crazy for putting everything in the cloud, now we understand it was a visionary move.

With many years of experience in managing and owning transmission repair shops, before ever starting his software business, he had seen plenty of hard drive failures that took down a shop for days or even caused them to shut down altogether.

Scott Johnson knows what your business needs to be able to run efficiently and profitably. He has been a member of industry groups and a speaker at ATRA shows for many years. He has met and helped hundreds of shop owners implement our transmission shop software to help achieve their goals of running their business in such a way that they manage the business not have the business manage them.

Whether you are running one shop location alone with a single technician or multiple repair shops with many technicians, ProfitBoost automotive shop software is right for your business.

We are a team of shop owners, software programmers, and sales & support professionals who are dedicated to providing the most current, beneficial tools to help you run an auto or transmission repair business efficiently & profitably. So that you can tailor your software to your needs with the ability to add or subtract features and options at any time.

“ProfitBoost automotive software has eliminated my biggest fear…my computer crashing and losing data. ProfitBoost is continually improving the software and because of it's web-based technology, I have been able to grow with multiple shop locations and have access to my shop's information anywhere, and at anytime. The support is phenomenal.”

Our Team

Our team all work together to unsure that our users get the best support and the best software for your business.

By being not just in the same country but in the same building we can ensure a quick response to problems. The ability to meet face to face as needed really has helped us grow and fix issues before they become problems.

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson


40 years in the Automotive industry , 20 of those as a Transmission and General repair shop owner, have given Scott insight into exactly what it takes to run a profitable business.

Originally from Denver Sott moved to Reno in the early 80's where he built his own multi million dollar repair shop. This shop was the original testing bed for the software and still uses it today.

Paul Forcey

Paul Forcey

Office Manager

Originally from London, Paul has been our office manager for over 3 years now. He manages everything from support to payroll. Scott calls him "Paul that does it all".

With a 10 year background in software support and customer relations he is ideally suited to help with all your support needs.

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Project Manager

Brian is our resident software project manager. With 20 years experience as a programmer and a serious techy he is ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve.

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