3 Essential Auto Repair Shop Software Features


 3 essential auto repair shop software features that weren’t even thought of when most shop management software systems were developed are no longer just wishes. The newest advances in automotive software have turned wishes into reality.

With rare exception, the auto repair order writing software computer systems that are in use today adequately provide users with the basics like: writing repair orders, creating vehicle repair estimates, maintaining customer and vehicle records, storing and recalling “canned jobs”, and printing the paper repair order, itself.

However, a lot of progress has occurred in automotive shop management software. Many of the newest features weren’t thought to be possible when the software developers were creating their respective programs. In fact, some of these features are so advanced that they might not have even been wishes because as Steve Jobs once observed, customers don’t know they want something until it’s available.

Below are three “must have” categories of features that are vital to bring your shop into the new era of computerized shop management and to improve overall shop performance.

  1. Mobile compatibility is indispensible for efficient internal communications within the walls of the automotive service center, itself. Here are just a few of the advantages mobile functionality adds to the internal efficiency of the automotive repair center.
    1. Service advisers and techs can meet and greet customers at their vehicles, complete the repair order information, visual inspection and even the estimating process on a Ipad or Tablet. Customers can even provide service authorizations on the device.
    2. VIN numbers are entered directly into the record by simply entering the license plate number. This saves time and eliminates typos.
    3. Photos of preexisting vehicle damage can be added during the write up, on the spot.
    4. Inspection results are recorded on the handheld mobile device. So, say goodbye to hard-to-read handwritten vehicle inspection reports.
    5. Inspections can also include photos to show customers the damage and reason for recommended repairs.
    6. Techs can get job assignments, request parts, log on and off jobs, and send progress reports right from their work stations, saving time and needless waiting. When synced with a system time clock feature, tech efficiency is automatically tracked and compiled into individual and team production reports.
    7. Boosts productivity by effortlessly syncing data compiled on handheld devices into the shop management system. This eliminates the necessity of making double entries as is the case with handwritten paper inspection reports, estimates, and repair orders.
  2. Mobile and web based technology is also crucial when it comes to external communications.
    1. If your website is mobile friendly, customers can access your shop calendar and directly book appointments from wherever they are. This makes your website work for you 24/7, boosting your car count while you sleep
    2. Use text messaging to reach customers with repair estimates together with pictures of damage, and obtain repair authorizations. This saves time with those hard-to-reach customers.
    3. Reach out to your customers with consistent, regular, marketing messages to keep your business top of mind when they need you.
    4. Parts searches, price comparisons, and ordering can be completed right from the repair order without making a single, time-consuming phone call. Place the parts order automatically, with multiple vendors when the job is sold.
    5. Auto shop software can also integrate with credit card processing, allowing one swipe payment directly to the repair order.
    6. Many automotive software systems integrate directly with customer relations management and marketing systems like Kukui and Demand Force.
    7. Some automotive management systems also integrate with services like CARFAX, and various technical research and tech hotlines.
    8. Integration with accounting software systems like QuickBooks is also available with auto shop software.
  3. Auto shop software that is web based – in the cloud – makes your system accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether from a laptop, iPad, tablet, or smart phone.
    1. Because the new auto repair shop software is in the cloud, cumbersome backups and upgrades are obsolete and unnecessary. All your data is safe and system updates are seamlessly performed without interruptions or the dreaded system compatibility errors.
    2. System outages are a thing of the past with web based auto shop software.
    3. Multiple shop operations must have auto shop software that allows users from all locations to be connected together and share customer, vehicle, parts, canned jobs, inventory and reports seamlessly and in real time. Owners, managers and bookkeepers and easily manage multiple operations from one location.
    4. Absentee owners will benefit from 24/7 real time access from anywhere they can get an internet connection. View work in progress as well as sales, production and financial reports any time anywhere.

These 3 auto repair shop software features are essential to improving overall shop performance and turning wishes into reality. Profitboost Software offers easy, mobile friendly integration that connects virtually every segment of your business in its newest version, Auto Shop Software

Posted on May 14, 2017 in Auto Repair Shop Management

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