4 Tips on Choosing Automotive Software


As technology improves running a business has become easier, in some ways at least. While initially stubborn to change, the automotive industry has recently started to adopt technology in every part of the business, from the shop floor to the book keepers office.

Large and small auto repair shops alike benefit from managerial software. When it comes time to invest in automotive software, however, how do you know which to invest in? While this type of software can help you track financial accounts through Quickbooks, manage inventory, measure Technician efficiency, manage appointments, and optimize costs, it is not always easy to pick one. If you’re having trouble choosing, these questions may help you decide on the right type of software.

You Need Cloud-Based Auto Shop Software

Unless you have real trouble getting an internet connection at your shop then yes you Need Cloud based software. Cloud-based software has become a necessity. Your files are accessible to you from anywhere, It does not matter where in the world you are. Additionally, when there is ever any damage to your computer system or to your shop, you can still access important business files. So if your hard drive fails, a windows update gives you the Blue Screen of Death, someone drops coffee on the machine and you see smoke and hear a fizzing noise as it dies, you can be back in business in minutes with no loss of data.

Does It Integrate With Other Software?

When it comes to software solutions for your business you need to be aware that not every automotive software program comes with inventory management, auto service repair management, Digital Vehicle Inspections, Accounting, or other features that you may need. While all of this is dependent on your business requirements at the time, you can never be sure when that might change. As your business grows and changes, you need software that you can integrate into other platforms.


Does the Repair Shop Software Work on Tablets?

Practically everyone uses tablets, from children doing homework to grandma using it to keep in touch with her grandkids. They come in many brands, and many sizes, and at various price points.

Consider how useful it would be if your employees were able to record important information with a tablet that could easily fit in the top of their tool draws. You can do the initial inspection of the car while the client is there using a DVI on the tablet, taking photos as you walk around and noting any dents and dings. This is one of the reasons why you need to use a cloud based software system to manage your auto repair shop.  

What Features Does the Software Include?

As a business owner, you know best what software features you need to keep your business running smoothly. For instance, you may be a small shop that just wants to record customer name and address and manually add parts and labor to each Repair Order as you go.

As your shop grows, adding bays, lifts and staff to manage all your new business you may need new features. You may not need a Quickbooks Online Integration right now but as you grow and get busier that could be a real time saver for your book keeper. Maybe you do not use WHI for parts ordering yet, but the more parts you order the more sense it makes to check stock levels and prices online rather than calling round to each parts store.

All of it comes down to what your business needs now and in the future. The best tip that you can take is to make your choice based solely around your business needs, and to think about your future needs, and choose the one that meets those needs

Most businesses cannot run efficiently or profitably without some form of managerial software to help them. Do you remember hand writing every RO? Mistakes made and not being able to read what you had written later if you needed to? You already have so much going on at the shop, you do not need the extra work that not having software would put on you.

No matter what type of repair shop you own, it is easier to manage all the ins and outs of your auto business when you have technology on your side. Looking into software can be a little overwhelming, read these tips, take some time to really think about what you want in a auto repair shop management system.

Posted on March 4, 2018 in Auto Repair Shop Management

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