Strategic Auto Shop Business Plan - Part III


What you can measure you can manage. Use PIF Pro transmission shop software to manage every step of your business practices.

Fictional shop owner Bobbie took the plunge, and tried PIF Pro auto repair shop software - cautiously, using a few of the applications available from this suite of automotive shop management software tools. Bobbie quickly learned that a few of these tools guaranteed that no job would ever be underpriced again. Shop floor productivity went up, because mechanics could see how the time actually spent on a job was not what they thought it was. Time wasters, like chasing after VIN numbers and playing phone tag with customers became a thing of the past.

Most importantly, Bobbie discovered that strategic planning with transmission shop software didn't have to be something that caused headaches, heartaches, and stress. So Bobbie decided to up the game, and go with the full PIF Pro Enterprise level of service. Now, Bobbie can examine every aspect of the business, connect CRM (Customer Relations Management) resources with the business, allow customers to schedule appointments through the business's website, and much more. In fact, Bobbie is now thinking in terms of opening another location, because business profitability has gone up, and there's a crying need for another shop in the area.

If you're 'on the fence' about trying PIF Pro, do what Bobbie did: start small, and scale up when you feel comfortable with trying more. Many business owners start with repair order software, and add on other tools, once they become familiar with the benefits of using Web based automotive shop management software, including:

· Website Appointments, so your customers can set an appointment via your website.

QuickBooks Conduit, which will 'push' select Repair Order data to your QuickBooks software.

Credit Card Processing and Payment Financing, including instant financing options for your customers.

Online Marketing, by connecting with Kukui and DemandForce on demand.

Online Parts Ordering & Management, which means no more chasing after the best prices from multiple vendors by phone. This is one of the best options available!

Multi-Location Discounts, for those of you that have more than one shop.

SMS/Text Messaging - say goodbye to playing phone tag with customers!

As you continue to think about the benefits and possibilities of using 21st Century shop management software, think about how you could, finally, be able to get a handle on all the stuff that, up until now, was confusing and uncertain. Imagine the relief you'll feel, knowing that you'll never underprice a job again. Consider how great it will be to never worry about a computer crash or power failure stopping you from writing a Repair Order, because you'll be able to do it from a smartphone or tablet.

Bobbie went from 'Where's the money for payroll this week?', to 'Maybe it's time to open another location!', because Bobbie made a choice that paid off, big time. Now's the time for you to choose the best solution to your business challenges, and try PIF Pro auto shop management software for yourself, and your bottom line.

Posted on July 31, 2016 in Auto Repair Shop Management

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