Strategic Auto Shop Business Plan - Part II


Here's help for your bottom line: auto repair software, available online, that can actually turn your numbers into profit!

In part one of this three-part series, our fictional transmission shop owner, Bobbie, is faced with a serious problem: no cash for payday. The shop has a high enough car count that they should be ableto keep ahead of expenses, costs, and allow it to put aside a bit as actual profit.

The difficulty has been (and is) that the numbers either aren't valid (old parts prices that have increased dramatically, increased rent and insurance bills), or they don't show a true picture of how the business side of the business is actually running (time lost and misspent on simple chores, over staffed or misusing their time). Bobbie needs an effective set of tools to get all of this under control. What to do?

Bobbie is not a 'nerd', and has no love for installing software, updating software, and dealing with computer crashes that completely wipes out all the records. Plus, Bobbie has no desire to let anyone but The Boss near the shop's financials, much less train mechanics on how to use software. If that wasn't already complicated enough, Bobbie has hired a young brother-in-law who just might be the most unproductive member of the staff.

Bobbie's salvation comes at a trade show, where the Profit Boost team are demonstrating their Web based auto shop management software and shows her how to manage the numbers that really matter online.

Bobbie gets a chance to talk to an actual user of PIF Pro, who was skeptical, at first, of the whole idea. It was this user's son who talked Dad into trying it, and did the training to get it up and running. After two half-hour training sessions (and a half-hour of homework after each session), the son was able to show Dad that what Dad thought was a good price for a job was actually barely-break-even price. In no time flat, Dad became a true believer.

Bobbie admits this is happening in their shop, working as hard as ever but the bank balance is getting smaller. Bobbie decides it's time to enter the 21st Century, and becomes a PIF Pro user.

Bobbie learns how to get

*Repair Orders written that guarantee a profit
*Sets up the Timeclock tool, and gives each mechanic access to it, including the brother-in-law who has a tendency to fall behind on work.
*Parts price lists uploaded that are current and accurate

The Carfax/VIN number tool means that just entering the license plate number and state, immediately returns the right VIN number on the RO, with no more mistakes, typos, or running around the lot, trying to find the car. Bobbie is especially happy to use the SMS tool, to send a text to a customer's smart phone when the job's done. No more phone tag!

Best of all, Bobbie won't have to fire his brother-in-law. The kid can see, in black and white, that he has to up his productivity, and quit wasting time, without Bobbie standing over him every minute.

In the last part of this three-part series, you'll see how Bobbie plugged the holes that were leaking cash, and freed up more time to work the business, instead of working for the business, at a loss.

If you would like a free demo and to try out profitboost for your own repair shop call us at 888-274-3776.

Posted on June 30, 2016 in Auto Repair Shop Management

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