Dealing with Emergencies?


While we always wish that life would just roll along all sunshine and roses it just doesn't work out like that. Things happen, equipment breaks, people get sick, computers die and weather takes a turn for the worse.

You may not be able to control the weather but you can control what preparation steps you take so you are ready to deal with the emergency when it happens.

BackUp Your Computers
If you use ProfitBoost for your repair orders you do not need to worry about backing up as we do it for you. But what about anything outside of ProfitBoost?

If you use Quick Books (or any other desktop accounting system) how do you back all that data up? Do you have an external hard drive in the office that you save to? That is a good option but what if the building burns down, then all your backups are destroyed along with your main computers.

Consider using an offsite backup system (as well as an external hard drive in your office), there are professional companies who will back up your data regularly and if disaster strikes you can download all your information to any pc and be back in business in a matter of hours.

We are not suggesting any specific ones but here are three to look at

Phone Tree
Do you have the correct phone numbers for everyone in the company? Do you keep them in a central document? I would suggest that the owner, the office manager and the shop foreman should all have everyone's phone number.

This may seem like an obvious thing but people change phone numbers and forget to tell everyone at work. So you may not know until the minute you need it that you don't have the correct phone number.

Insurance, Bank and Suppliers Information
Do you know how to contact your insurance company, or broker, in a hurry? Does your office manager know? If your company cards get compromised do you know who to call?

Having all this information in your head is not enough, what if something catastrophic happens to you? You want your business to function and succeed even if you are out of the picture for a couple of days or even weeks don't you? If no one else knows how to pay any bills or access any important docs they can't do this.

If you don't want to share all the information with your manager you should have a folder with all the information in and give it to your spouse for emergencies.

Where do you Keep all this Information?
If you keep all the important phone numbers and the log in information for your computer backups on your computer then you could be in trouble if the computer melts down.

If you use a cloud based email system (gmail/Hotmail/yahoo come to mind) then you can access the information on any computer. If you keep all your emergency numbers/user names and passwords in one email that you keep in the cloud you can access it from any pc, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

It's A Rare Event
Catastrophes don't happen every day (thankfully) but every extra bit you do to ensure you are prepared for it will help your day be a bit easier.

The Worst one we have heard..
"My PC's were ALL stolen last night. Everything was on them, and I can't find the last back up i did."

Remember that ProfitBoost is a cloud based RO Writer system so you can use it from any pc/laptop/tablet that has a browser. If you are unlucky enough to get broken into all you need is access to another laptop/desktop or even a tablet and you are back in business.

Posted on April 30, 2016 in Auto Repair Shop Management

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