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As the owner of a Transmission or general repair shop you have poured hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into building your business, and you deserve for it to be profitable. Over the last 15 years and more we have spoken to far too many repair shop owners who when asked "are you making a profit?" will answer "YES.. Well mostly" and when pushed they admit that they are not totally sure but they have money in their pocket so they must be.

Money in your pocket, or toys in the driveway do not always mean real profits, they far to often mean you have plenty of cash coming in and that covers any shortfall in real profit.  That works until your accountant does your annual books or there is a downturn and the cash cow stops working.

We will show you how to know the profit on each and every job that you estimate, it is so easy to see when your service writer is pricing jobs right and when they are not. Green is good , Red is bad.

As the admin of your software you can enter the PPH numbers you need and then your service writer will see how close, or far away, he is from your target on every job.

How Much Profit Per Hour is the Right Amount?

The auto repair industry is starting to talk about profit per hour more and more. How much should you be making, how much are you making and how do you move from your current PPH to the one you need to me making.

How much PPH do I really need to have as a target? This is the million dollar question and we have a way to help you work this exact number out, no guesswork, no "what if", just cold hard numbers. 

The true profit per hour number is much more than just your labor cost.  If you use a book keeping system such as Quickbooks then we can help you work out the exact number you need to use


Tech Efficiency

Profit per Hour and tech efficiency are linked, you need to know these numbers to be truly profitable long term.

Tech Efficiency is not something that you need to look at every day, but it does have a huge effect on your shops overall profitability so you do need to be aware of it on a weekly basis.

If your team are being paid based on their efficency then you will be looking at the Tech Efficiency reports at least once a week. We have some great blog posts on Tech Efficiency and how to turn a good tech into a great tech.

If you ignore tech efficiency then you are either already in trouble or heading for it.  Auto repair technicians are not cheap to employ (nor should they be) and they need to be efficient enough to earn their pay plus enough to cover overheads and give the shop a profit.

Some of your techs may not like the idea of having to clock on and off each job, especially the ones who in their heart know they goof off just a little bit too much, they will have to deal with it. If you can't measure the time on each job then you can't measure their efficiency.

This is exactly why we have a time clock built into the system and that data is used to run tech efficiency reports. Clocking on and each job takes seconds and becomes second nature.



Do you know the numbers for your:-

  • Average RO value?
  • Average car count?
  • Profit Per Hour?
  • How much you sold last month, last quarter and even last year?

As a Auto repair shop or Transmission shop owner these are just some of the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that you should be able to access quickly and efficiently. This is why Profitboost have included easy to use reports in a visual as well as a downloadable format.

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