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  • Call us: 888-274-3776


Our CEO, Scott Johnson, has been a member of ATRA for 30 years. 15 years as a shop owner, and 15 years as  a supplier member.  Profitboost LLC believes in the ATRA mission statement and have always found them to be great working partners.

If you are looking for Transmission Shop Software please give us a call to discuss your needs or sign up today and take our software for a free trial. Your free trial includes online integrated parts ordering from both Transtar and Transmaxx ordering integrations, no more time spent on the phone, order your transmission parts from within the software. It's easy.

With 20 plus years as a transmission shop owner Scott really does know the business and how  Auto Shop Software, by Profitboost LLC can benefit you. Please do give us a call and discuss , well just about anything with him.

The annual Atra Powertrain Expo is a very important event in the Transmission industry and we are proud to say that we have a booth there.  Come to the expo  and if you would like to talk about your software needs , your shop or Transmission history come on over and see Scott or one of our other other team members. 

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