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KUKUI, a leading automotive software company with a reputation for its technology expertise, supports auto repair and transmission repair shops with a cutting-edge marketing platform. The KUKUI program seamlessly integrates with a repair shops Point of Sale (POS) system.

A primary feature of the KUKUI system is that it enables its clients with quantitative information detailing return on investment, new customers in correlation with POS systems, customer retention rates, and markets segmented for business improvement.

Kukui is an all-in-one marketing success platform built to help auto repair shops grow and monitor their marketing under one umbrella. Offering a custom marketing platform that integrates with most shop management systems, Kukui’s platform empowers each of our clients with data and knowledge that shows them return on their marketing investment. Kukui handles all of the marketing your business needs; including: the number of new clients that have visited your business, statistics revealing your customer retention rate, phone call tracking and recording, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, appointment forms and feedback from customer reviews.  
To put it simply, Kukui brings our clients new customers, increases our clients’ marketing ROI, and decreases operating costs. We bring the power of data-driven decision making to business owners so they can better navigate the ever-changing economic and marketing landscapes. Before, only large corporations could afford advanced software solutions or track customers from first contact to final purchase. Now, Kukui provides small local businesses the same competitive advantage.  
Kukui’s purpose is to champion the cause of small business owners and provide great visibility, marketing, customer service, and streamlining your marketing services. The KUKUI team passionately believes in improving technology for the betterment of people and businesses worldwide. 

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